What We Do

Research and Strategy


Before we suggest any ideas or services to clients we have a mandatory Strategy Phase we bring new clients through. This can be done over the course of a few days or a couple weeks depending on the size of the agency and what your goals are.

The Strategy Phase involves an extensive online questionnaire and a series of meetings to dig deeper. After that our team will meet to figure out the best path forward (preferably a path with low-hanging fruit at the entrance). We will present this plan to you either in person or via a live screenshare. Once you approve we’re off to the implementation stage!

Custom Insurance Websites


Since we’re focused on strategy and results, and not just tactics, we don’t always recommend a new website to everyone. If your website is good enough (or if we can make some simple improvements to increase conversions) we’ll start there. However, there are times when it makes more sense to “bulldoze the house” instead of doing an “extreme makeover.”

If you do require a new website we have a proven process to manage everything from the design to the coding to the website content. All our websites are top of the line, mobile-friendly and built on WordPress. We’re happy to send you samples of our handiwork so you can see what we’re capable of.

Pay-Per-Click Management


During the Strategy Phase we’ll research your target market, your keywords and competition and tell you if it makes more sense to focus on AdWords, Facebook Ads or both.

If you have existing PPC campaigns running we’ll analyze those accounts and submit a detailed plan on how we can improve and grow the account.

After we finish all the research we’ll rebuild and/or create new campaigns. New ads are written for an ‘ad pool’ where you can review and approve ads before launch. We coordinate all ads with existing campaign strategies and platforms (Adwords, Remarketing, Facebook, etc.).

After launch, our team monitors the performance of the campaigns and conducts rigorous testing based on data coming in. We continually test and improve and send you bi-weekly reports.

 Automated Sales and Marketing Funnels


One of our core values for marketing is the importance of your funnels. That’s because you can do everything right (drive visitors to your website and convert those visitors into leads) but if you fail to plug those leads into an automated funnel you’re going to continue to lose money. In other words, you have a “leaky system.” So we want to help you stop the leaks.

Therefore, during the Strategy Phase one of the areas we’ll review are your Sales and Marketing Funnels. We have frameworks already built for the most common Funnels, like:

- Lead Warming Funnel
- Referral Funnels
- Cross-Sell Funnels
- Long-Term Nurture Funnels

Even though we have the frameworks pre-built for these funnels we will still work closely with you to customize them based on your agency’s systems and processes. Our goal is to support and empower your sales team, not restrict them. Therefore, we seek to understand how your top salespeople operate right now and we’ll find ways to save them time and make them more effective.

Copywriting and Content Creation


Our founder, Josh Monen, is a trained direct response copywriter. So we understand the power of effective copy. It can make the difference between a 1% website conversion rate and a 3%. A compelling email can literally triple the number of leads you get from a cross-sell campaign or a PPC ad. This is why Josh trains and works closely with every copywriter and content writer at Insurance Funnels. We take copywriting seriously so you can trust that your copy will be top-notch.

When you hire us to create a website we’ll write (or edit) all your copy. Same thing with the emails in your Sales Funnels and with your PPC ads. We also can help you create “Lead Magnets” which are short digital guides you can use to attract more leads into the top of your Sales Funnel. We can write the whole lead magnet, format it and even design the 3-D cover image.