About Insurance Funnels

who we work with, why we’re different and our core values

We specialize in helping independent insurance agencies generate more leads and sales using digital marketing. We’re constantly innovating and testing new ideas, systems and strategies to help agencies generate more revenue from their marketing. And while we’re always keeping an eye on the future regarding new marketing developments, our main commitment is to focus on proven marketing strategies so you can see a positive return on your marketing.

Who We Work With:


One of our core values is to “be the best,” not necessarily the biggest. Therefore, we only accept two new agencies each month. This allows us to go deep with the clients we serve and really make an impact.

Agencies who are a good fit for us:


  • Are independent.
  • Are based in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Have at least $200k in commission revenue.
  • Consider themselves entrepreneurs more than insurance agents.
  • Spend at least $4,000 a month in marketing/advertising.

Why We're Different:


First and foremost, we sell and focus on solutions. This mindset allows us to take a consultative approach to selling and helps us avoid pushing unnecessary services or tools to you.

Most marketing agencies focus on selling a particular service (SEO, web design, social media marketing, etc.). This isn't necessarily a bad idea but it rarely helps solve BIG problems for agencies (which is usually not enough leads and sales). We're different because we obsess over your sales numbers and demand that you hold us accountable for helping you reach your goals. If we're not able to prove that we can produce quantifiable results like more leads, more sales, more policies per customer, etc. then fire us.

When is the last time you heard your SEO or marketing agency tell you that?

Our 5 Core Values:



1. Strategy Before Tactics


If you work with us you'll hear a lot about “strategy.” That's because what we do is:

  • 75% strategy
  • 20% marketing
  • 5% tech

We believe business is like chess - the player with the best strategy (not tactics) wins! Too many agencies skip strategy because they’re excited about implementing the newest marketing tactic.
For example, “being more active on social media” is NOT a strategy. However, “To go from $250k in revenue to $350k by this time next year” is a specific goal that you can develop a strategy around. If social media will help you hit this goal then do it. If not, skip it and focus on projects that will. For these reasons we focus on strategy first when clients come to us. Once that’s clear we move onto marketing tactics.



2. Systems Before Campaigns


There’s a big difference between a successful “campaign” and a successful “system.” For example, you could launch an “auto-no-home cross-sell campaign” and experience a sudden spike in new policies one month. Or you could implement a system that automatically cross-sells, follows up and nurtures your clients and prospects. When you do the latter you’ll notice an overall rise in multi-line accounts.

Our goal is to help improve your overall situation, not just get you a new website or run a few successful campaigns. We can help you build the machinery of your agency so you can make more money and spend more time working ON your business, not IN it.



3. Make Data-Driven Decisions


One of the most common complaints about marketing we hear from agency owners is that they don’t know what’s working and what’s not. “I’d be happy to invest more in marketing if only I knew what worked,” they say.

It’s a valid argument. This is why one of our core values is to only focus on marketing strategies that can be measured. Direct response marketing is in our blood so you won’t find us suggesting tactics that will “increase awareness” or help “build your brand.” We respect “branding” it’s just not what we do. Instead we’re in the business of “buying clients.” We’ll help you find out your cost per acquisition as well as strategies to lower that.



4. Be Human


For some odd reason a lot of marketers and agencies think they have to become robots online. We’ve all read emails and websites that feel void of any human touch. Not only is it boring, it’s a missed opportunity to make a connection with your reader. Remember, the “leads and prospects” we’re trying to generate are just people. And people do business with people. Not with companies.

This is why the marketing we do for our clients is infused with a human touch. Our emails sound like they’re written by an actual person, not a robot. Our blog posts are written in a conversational tone. Videos sound natural and unrehearsed. And we take the time to understand your agency’s voice so we can use it throughout all our marketing.



5. Sales Funnel Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing it’s all about The Sales Funnel. Advanced internet marketers have known this for years but the insurance industry (surprise, surprise!) has lagged behind. For example, most agencies feel like they’re ahead of the curve if they’re “on social media” (even if being on social media isn’t producing any business!).

Advanced internet marketers could care less about likes, comments and shares… what they want is more sales! They want people to pull out their credit card and make a purchase. And they do this through the effective use of Sales Funnels. Not by posting cute pictures on Instagram. This is why all our marketing -- from the ads to the website -- revolves around getting leads into your Sales Funnel. Then your Funnel automatically warms them up until they’re a “Sales Ready Lead” that your agents can close on the phone.



About Josh Monen

Josh Monen is the Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at Insurance Funnels.

His clients say he has a unique ability to recognize opportunities and then systematize them into producing profitable results. Josh is a popular speaker who communicates clearly about where agents need to go and the practical steps to get there. Having spent the first five years of his career selling insurance, Josh knows how important “good leads” are for agents on the front line.


Josh is the author of several guides and ebooks for insurance agents including:

  • How to Launch Your Insurance Blog in 30 Days

  • The Beginner's Guide to Marketing Analytics for Insurance Agents

  • The 5 Fatal Marketing Mistakes That Can KILL The Sales and Profits In Your Agency

Before starting Insurance Funnels, Josh was a freelance copywriter who worked with clients like Daymond John from Shark Tank, Vertafore, American Express, and Bankrate Insurance.