You’ll discover how to publish a blog designed to help you:

Reach more modern consumers, so you can generate more leads.

Improve your search rankings by adding fresh, quality content to your site.

Create your own content so you have something worth sharing on social media.

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Week 1: Assess Your Situation
  • Assess Your Current Reality Before Getting into Strategy/Planning
  • The Pre-Launch Assessment
  • How to Conduct a Content Inventory
  • Being Honest about Your Limited Resources

The Launch Plan is broken down into 4 distinct phases:

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This ebook contains a structured, step-by-step, plan to help you launch (or re-launch) your agency’s blog in 30 days (20 business days).




Week 2: Set Goals
  • Choose a Blogging Goal to Support a Larger Corporate Goal
  • What Lead Measures Are and How They Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
  • 3 Critical Blog Metrics To Track If You’re Just Starting Out


Week 3: Setup Your Editorial Calendar
  • Editorial Calendars: Why They’re Important and the Different Types
  • The Benefits Of Using Trello as an Editorial Calendar
  • A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide On How to Setup Your Editorial Calendar In Trello
  • Managing Your Blog’s Workflow, “Kanban Style”


Week 4: Write Your First 4 Posts
  • 7 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Writing
  • 3 Ways To Help You Write Faster
  • The Perfect Blog Post Template
  • Ideal Font Size and Color


Free Ebook: Launch Your Insurance Blog in 30 Days
Click the button below now to instantly download this free ebook and the special bonus: The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Analytics for Insurance Agents.
The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics for Insurance Agents
In this short 16-page guide you’ll discover:
A Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Install Google Analytics On Your Website.
How to Identify Your Top Traffic Sources so You Know What’s Working.
How to Setup, and Monitor, Your Website Goals (i.e. # of quote requests).
Why tracking links are important and how to use them.
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