Introducing: a New Way To Generate Quality Leads...

Are You Ready To Cut Out the Middleman And Start Generating Your Own Insurance Leads?

After You Complete This Program You Will:

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Be Able To Generate Your Own Google Leads...

No Longer Be Dependent On Lead Vendors Ever Again...

Get Ad Copy and Landing Page Copy that’s Proven to Work…

Have a Step-by-Step Blueprint To Create and Manage Your Ads...

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing people tell you things like:

"You need to increase your online presence.”
“You should be more active on social media.”
“Did you know the consumer has gone digital?”

So is this advice true or not?

Should insurance agents be “more active” online or not?

We could debate this all day…

But the bottom line is that it’s the wrong question to ask.

A better question is:

"What’s the best way to get more customers?"

Not more likes. Not more comments. More CUSTOMERS!

“There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.” - Peter Drucker

Remember, your goal as a business owner is to be more profitable. Not more popular.

If you agree then you’ll want to focus on finding the best ways to get more leads, more sales, more often. And less time on the things that don’t help you do this.

Make sense?

We thought so too. That’s why we created the Insurance Funnels Academy.

It’s a 6-week program designed specifically to help you:

  • •  Drive more traffic to your website with Google Ads
    •  Convert more traffic into leads and fill your funnels.
    •  Turn more leads into sales with automated sales funnels.

Think of it as a step-by-step instruction manual that shows you how to build an effective sales machine that creates new clients every month.

Keep reading to learn more about what you get when you join the Academy.

Josh Monen

Josh Monen
Founder InsFunnels

What is the Insurance Funnels Academy?

“Tired of Wasting Your Time and Money On Digital Marketing that Doesn’t Work?

The Insurance Funnels Academy was created with ONE specific goal in mind: to help independent insurance agencies build a digital marketing system that generates good quality leads consistently. This online program consists of 6 live group training sessions (see topics below) that show you how to build a system that will generate your own leads. Every student also gets access to Josh’s live “open office hours” with Josh each week so they can ask specific marketing related questions about what they learned. After you complete this 6-week program you’ll know everything you need to know to generate your own leads.

Program Benefits

Finally stop spinning your wheels on digital marketing activities that fail to produce results (you’ll see why those “mainstream tactics” do not work). 

Why insurance marketing is different than other industries and how understanding the little nuances can make all the difference. 

Discover exactly what lead vendors do to generate the leads they sell you (so you can take matters into your own hands and control your destiny). 

How to ignore all the non-essential and time-wasting online marketing activities that popular gurus claim you “should be doing.” 

Don’t reinvent the wheel… Get the proven blueprint for building a comprehensive digital marketing system that produced quality leads.

Who is this Program For?

This program was specifically designed to help independent insurance agencies generate quality leads online. It’s especially helpful for agencies who engage in niche marketing and who are serious about growth. It’s for both the agency principal and the insurance marketer (whoever handles marketing at your agency). It’s a good idea for both the principal and the marketer to go through this program together.

Is It Worth It? Ask Our Students...

Week 1: Laying A Solid Foundation

Starting with the End In Mind

What It Take to Build A Marketing System

Counting the Costs: What You Need to Succeed

What You Must Get Right vs Non-Essentials

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish In 6 Weeks:

“Over 40 Leads from First Campaign”

“Josh guides you step by step and helps you create the type of ads that we are all spending at least twice as much on to get our leads. I have zero digital marketing background and I was able to get my ads going and they are producing the leads I need. 

I can’t express how thankful I am to Josh for putting together this program. I would have been putting money into lead vendors for the rest of my career and now that will be money coming to my family.” 

- Cesar P.

Enroll Now To Get These Free Bonuses!

Insurance Copywriting Secrets

Josh has over 10 years of experience in insurance copywriting. And in this special training he’ll show you how to write headlines, ads, landing page and email copy that gets people to act! Discover how to write headlines that stop people in their tracks and get them to engage with your page. Plus, get tips and tricks on how to write ads that will improve your click through rate by 5-10x.

Bonus #2

Retail Value: $997


Summary of What You’ll Get...

6 Weeks Insurance Funnels Academy

Bonus #1 - Perfect Landing Page Template & Training  

(Value: $4,997)

(Value: $1,997)


Special Offer: 


About Josh Monen

Insurance Marketing Specialist

Josh Monen is a direct response marketer who specializes in insurance. He started his professional career as a licensed P&C agent at the age of 22. After learning how to effectively sell insurance one-on-one he quit his job as an agent and learned insurance copywriting aka “salesmanship in print.” He’s written copy for independent agencies across North America as well as for companies like: Vertafore, Bankrate, Insurance Quotes, Agency Nation and many others.

Josh has also worked directly with some of the most well-known sales and marketing experts in our industry, including Michael Jans of Agency Revolution and Randy Schwantz of The Wedge Group. He founded Insurance Funnels in 2015 where he and his team provide digital marketing training and services to independent insurance agencies who want to grow.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The guarantee is simple: If after completing the 6-week program you do not feel like you’ve gotten 10x the value from it then we want you to email us and let us know. If you do we’ll gladly refund your tuition 100%. No haggling or arguments. We are serious about providing programs that enrich our customers’ lives and businesses. So if we fall short at any time we want to know that and feel the pain so we get better. Thankfully no students have ever requested a refund from prior Academy’s. We hope to keep it that way!

Common Questions

Q. What format is the course delivered in?

The program is delivered via Zoom video calls. You will also get checklists and other training material delivered to you electronically.

Q. How long do I get to keep the recorded training sessions and bonuses?

All your life! Once signed up you have it forever.

Q: Is this a membership?

Nope. Your one time purchase of the program is all it takes.

Q: What if I can’t attend some of the live trainings?

That’s OK. You’ll have lifetime access to all the training sessions and resources. You’ll also get a handout and word-for-word transcripts of every session.

Q. I just started my agency, do I need this?

Yes. It’s important to set yourself up correctly from the start and save yourself any headache or costly redos on the other end.

Q. Will this work for personal and business lines?

Yes. The strategy and system you’ll learn in the Academy will help you generate leads and sales for personal and/or business policies. However, it is more effective on the commercial side.

Q. How tech-savvy do I have to be to do this?

Since most of the Academy consists of following specific step-by-step instructions you don’t need to worry about being too tech savvy. However, if you have a tech person or marketer at your agency then we suggest inviting them to the training sessions too.

Q. What type of marketing automation software do I need to do this?

It doesn’t really matter. As long as you can create autoresponders in it then it will work. You could use something as simple as Aweber, MailChimp or Constant Contact or something more advanced like Agency Revolution, Infusionsoft or Ontraport.

Q. Will you give us specific examples in the program?

Yes, we run through examples of lead gen campaigns we’ve set up and managed for our clients. So you know this is not just theory.

Q. What if we already work with a digital marketing agency?

If you already work with a marketing agency, but you’re unhappy with the results, then this would be a great program to go through. You’ll likely discover why you’re not getting the results you should.

Q. When does the program start?

The program starts January 15, 2021. Click here to view schedule.

Q. What’s the cost of the program at a later date?

It's a one time payment of $2,997

Q. Will you manage my ads in this program?

No. We do not set up or manage your Google Ads in this program.

The Perfect Landing Page Template & Training

You’ll get a landing page template you can “copy and paste” into your website. It’s called The Perfect Landing Page and it’s the same landing page we’ve optimized and tested over the last 4+ years. This page is a high-converting quote form page and is perfect for promoting specific insurance niches. You’ll also get training on how to install this and publish it so you can use it ASAP.

Bonus #1

Retail Value: $1,997

All Systems Go Checklists

When we say this program will literally give you everything you need to generate your own insurance leads, we’re serious. In addition to the training you’ll also get access to the same written checklists we use. We create these in Google Docs, which means whenever we make updates to our way of doing things the checklists you have access to will also be instantly updated!

Bonus #3

Retail Value: $997

Free Marketing System Analysis

We’ll review your ad campaign, landing page, copy and sales funnel to make sure there’s no big mistakes being made. You can either redeem and use it before you launch your first lead gen campaign or after you launch. We’ll login and see exactly what you’ve built and show you how to make it better. Some of the tips we’ll likely suggest could be worth the cost of the whole program. 

Bonus #4

Retail Value: $1,497

Bonus #2 -  Insurance Copywriting Secrets 

(Value: $997)

Bonus #3 -  All Systems Go Checklists

(Value: $997)

Bonus #4 -  Free Marketing System Analysis

(Value: $1,497)

What's Included

Live Group Training Sessions

You will get access to the 6 live weekly training sessions in the program. These sessions will be held on Zoom and are designed to not just educate you, but to show you how to execute on these ideas so you can actually build your marketing system over the course of 6 weeks.

You will be able to ask questions during the training sessions. And we have limited the program to just 12 agencies so there’s enough time to answer questions. There will also be open “Office Hours” each week (see below) where you can ask additional questions or get help if you get stuck on any step.

Every training session will be recorded and emailed to you within 24 hours. So even if you cannot attend live you can still watch the training and bring any questions to the “Office Hours” Josh will be hosting each week. 

After each training session you will have Next Actions prescribed to you. This will make it easy to know what you should be implementing each week.

Weekly Office Hours with Josh

After going through each week’s training session you may have questions. Figuring out how to build an effective digital marketing system can be a daunting task for anyone. And we know everyone's situation isn't the same.

That's why each week Josh will be hosting “Open Office Hours.” This is a designated time where you can simply log in to a live Zoom call and ask Josh anything. Considering his hourly rate is $500/hr, this is a great value add.

You can share your screen and show Josh what you’re building and he can “look over your shoulder” and show you what you’re doing right and tips on how to improve.  We don't let you get stuck. You’ll have support to help you every step of the way.

Lifetime Updates

With the ever-changing digital marketing landscape you'll want to make sure your marketing strategy stays current. That’s why we update our program yearly to reflect new digital changes and show you how you can use them to your advantage. The more you can stay on top of digital trends, the more business you’ll be able to write and the more your business will grow!

Yes! I Want To Generate My Own Leads!Yes! I Want To Generate My Own Leads!Yes! I Want To Generate My Own Leads!Yes! I Want To Generate My Own Leads!Yes! I Want To Generate My Own Leads!

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“I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with the training.”

“Doesn't get much simpler than that! The split ad is up! I did put it out to start later so that we can have everything rolling.

Obviously there is a lot of trial and error that has gone into the actual ads, but the way you have put it together for us is just so unbelievably easy. I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with the training.”

- Matt M. .

“I am pleased with how it’s working…”

“Just wanted to give you an update on how my split test is going. I started my test Monday Oct. 22nd it started out on that day receiving 2 leads however it went up from there. It is now 7:00PM EST. and I have a total of 16 leads, however one was from Alabama, so it's really 15, my ad cost so far is $7.73 per lead.

So at this point I am pleased with how it's working and just wanted to let you know.
Thanks For All You Have Done!”


- Gene W.

“We were wondering why we had so much new business…”

"We were wondering why we had so much new business come in last week. And then we remembered, ‘Oh yeah we used that ad strategy Josh taught us in the Academy. So I guess it worked!”

Brian B.

Know the Lingo: Understanding Key Terms

How To Get the Most Out of This Program

Week 3: Landing Page Mastery

Landing Page Overview: Why They Matter

The Easy Way to Create High-Converting Landing Pages

How to Design Quote Forms that Convert 10X Better

Niche Landing Page Best Practices

How to Test and Optimize Your Landing Pages

The Ultimate Checklist for Creating Excellent Landing Pages

Week 2: Website Conversion Optimization

Where Your Website Fits Into Your Marketing System

Common Website Mistakes You Can Fix Fast

4 Critical Questions Your Website Must Clearly Answer

How To Take the Less Is More Approach

7 Ways To Double Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Key Website Conversion Metrics To Track

Week 4: Google Ads - Part 1

Introduction to Google Ads

How To Do Keyword Research Like A Pro

Calculating Your Max Cost Per Click 

Structuring for Success: Google Ads Account Hierarchy

Effective Bidding Strategies You Must Know

How To Set Up Location Targeting

Week 5: Google Ads - Part 2

Why Your Quality Score Matters (And How To Improve It)

How To Set Up Your First Lead Gen Campaign

Insurance Copywriting Tips & Tricks for Google Ads

How To Get More Clicks with Callout Extensions

How To Set Up Phone Call Tracking On Your Ads

Understanding How Conversion Tracking Works

Week 6: Sales Funnel Mastery

Email Sales Funnels 101

How to Design a Campaign for Success

The Ultimate Lead Conversion Campaign

How To Choose the Right Tech for Your Sales Funnels

How To Automate the Sales Follow Up Process

Copywriting Tips to Get Your Emails Opened, Read and Clicked