A Powerful Course that Will Show You Exactly How To:

  • Get Facebook to Work for You and Your Agency
  • Get your agency in front of qualified prospects for pennies.
  • Ensure Your Posts and Ads Can't Be Ignored
  • Craft Headlines that People Can't Ignore

Flood Your Agency with New Leads Each Month!

(Normally $497)

Easy to Implement Strategies That Deliver Results!

Facebook Ads Bootcamp for Insurance Agents 
Will Help You:

Optimize Your Agency's Facebook Page for Maximum Engagement

Take the "Scary" Out of Facebook's Free Tool Power Editor

Put Your Facebook Page to Work for Your Agency While You Sleep

 Power-Packed Modules

Module 1

"Structuring for Success"

  • 10 Factors that Go Into the Successful Structuring of Your Facebook Page
  • 3 Ways to Effectively Use Your Facebook Cover Image to Generate Leads
  • Setup Your Learn More Button So You Can Get More Phone Calls
  • Find Out How Often You Should Post (And What Type of Content Is Best)
  • How To Create Professional Ad Images Using a Free Online Tool

Module 2

"Mastering Power Editor"

  • How To Stop Wasting Money with the Boost Post Button
  • Understanding the 15 Different Campaign Objectives in Facebook
  • The Most Important Objectives for Insurance Agents
  • Which Objective To Use to Target Local
  • How To Create “Invisible Ads” That Won’t Show On Your Page

Module 3

"The Audience Identifier Campaign"

  • How To Test Your Assumptions and Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Why You Should Always Start with Your Audience First When Marketing
  • 3 Audiences You Can Target To Get More Personal Lines Quotes
  • How To Find Business Owners and Affluent Prospects On Facebook
  • How To “Test” an Audience for As Low As $10.00 Per Audience

Module 4

“The 3 Most Effective Campaigns”

  • The 7 Elements of High Converting Landing Pages
  • The Most Common Mistakes Agencies Make On Their Landing Pages
  • The Proper Use (And Amount) of Images and Copy
  • How To Persuade Visitors To Take Action On Your Page
  • The One Word You Should Never Use On Your Call To Action Buttons
  • Proven Templates and Layouts That Convert Well

Module 5

“The Triple-Threat Ad Objective”

  • Why the Triple Threat Strategy Is So Effective
  • What You Need To Do Before You Can Run a Triple-Threat Campaign
  • How to Leverage Every Post You Publish To Maximize Results
  • Tap Into Facebook’s Powerful Algorithm Using the Triple Threat
  • What You Need To Know To Run a Successful Triple-Threat Campaign

Module 6

“Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies”

  • How To Be In the Top 1% of Facebook Marketers in the World
  • How To Facebook’s Lead Generation Campaign
  • What a Lead Generation Campaign in Facebook Is
  • How to Use Facebook’s Opt-In Forms Without Sending People To Your Website
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Create a Lead Gen Campaign

Module 7 (Coming Soon)

“How To Measure Your ROI”

Module 8 (Coming Soon)

“Landing Pages That Convert”